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Directory Websites

Our directory portal extends the functionality of your website by empowering you with full control over your listings. Through an intuitive backend interface you are able to manage your custom built directory with absolute ease. Create a valuable online asset by building an information rich directory that drives traffic to the websites of your Customers and sponsors.

A successful website directory is characterised by traffic volume. The ultimate goal is to establish an authoritative information resource that features prominently in the major search engine. Like all of our other website modules, what sets our directory apart from the sea of competition is our success in creating an SEO friendly package that achieves results. We have integrated the SEO technology from our core CMS platform into the directory module to ensure that the listings are easily indexed by the major search engine spiders. Building a successful directory requires a long term strategic approach. In order to generate revenue from the website, you need evidence demonstrating that your website has traction with a growing market. When it comes to a directory, website traffic is the only currency for securing online advertisers.

  • Unlimited directory listings
  • Ability to create multiple categories and sub categories
  • Advanced user administration with different permission classes
  • Secure login to restrict content to particular user group
  • Advanced voting system
  • Complete content management
  • Secure payment gateway for accepting transactions
  • Banner tracking for generating advertising revenue
  • Ability to assign listings to alternate categories
  • Customisable properties for individual listings
  • Advanced search and filtering options