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The Value Development Plan©


A. Our Core People and Processes … 
The Value Development Plan©

A sensible finance industry practice sees the use of a version of past earnings as a method for forecasting future earnings.  Past earnings are multiplied by a factor that represents confidence that these earnings can be sustained in the future.


Maximizing Value Development

This finance industry method of valuing a business by using past earnings and a multiple representing belief in the company’s future led us to focus Our Core People and Processes on the three elements that will have the biggest impact on the value of a company:             
(1) Revenues … before the sale (2) Net Profit % … before the sale       
(3) Key Confidence Factors … at the time of the sale. 

In each of these areas we analyze the past and current status of the company and anticipate trends that might affect its  future.  Using this analysis we prepare a Value Development Plan© that can be implemented by an owner to maximize revenues and net profit %, as well as strengthen key confidence factors such as management, employees and the owner’s own readiness for change and growth. 

After the Value Development Plan© has been designed and delivered we are available at the Owner’s discretion to act as ‘general contractors’ in the implementation of the plan.  We can coordinate the ‘sub-contractors’ who may be needed to help achieve successful implementation of the plan.  In some areas we can act as our own skilled contractors.  Or we can bring in the Specialized Advisors that are part of our ABC Approach to Value Development©

Once the Value Development Plan© has been implemented and the value of a business maximized we will work with the Sales Agent or Advisor of the Owner’s choice.  Or, it may be the choice of the Owner to not sell but instead to enjoy the benefits of a business that will now have increased revenues, higher profits and stronger key confidence factors.  After all, if the only results we help an owner to achieve are higher revenues, more profits and a stronger, more stable business … well, we figure we can be proud of that accomplishment alone.

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