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 Our ABC Approach To Value Development


We employ a three-part ABC approach to help you to get ready to get more for your business.


A: Our Core People and Processes

Our core people and processes focus on maximizing both current income and perceived future income, as well as the level of confidence in those future forecasts.  A supplementary process helps owners get ready to ‘pass the baton’ smoothly and effectively. An ‘Account Manager’ guides and coordinates the preparation process. 

All of our core people are passionate in their desire to help business owners to deliver even more ‘beyond’ the dollars.  We are dedicated to ensuring that all of the important issues involved in such a critical event are successfully addressed for everyone affected.

B: Our Network of Specialized Advisors

We have a network of advisors with niche and/or technically specialized areas of expertise such as family businesses and personal financial planning. These specialized advisors are introduced based upon the needs of a particular owner.  Core processes may also be performed by different members of this network working in their area of expertise.

C: Our Connections to Selling Agents & Advisors

Selling agents and advisors are involved in the planning processes from the beginning in order to ensure that the end goal of Maximizing Value is kept at the forefront of the sales process. There is no extra cost to you to have a selling agent/advisor help you with this process.

Work Fees, Success Fees

We have arrangements with selling agents and advisors whereby we will share their success fees when you decide to sell.  In effect, we serve as ‘listing advisors’ to their ‘selling advisors’.  Knowing that we will share in success fees in the future enables us to charge reasonable fees for our work now because our ‘upside’ reward will come later.


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