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The Get Ready Get More Core Team is dedicated to turning our Vision into reality.  Each member of the team takes ‘professional pride’ in getting ‘More Dollars’ for our Clients.  Each of us also has a ‘personal passion’ to create ‘More Beyond’, as requested and defined by our Clients.

Teamwork is an important part of what we do.  We believe that working effectively within our Core Team, as well as with our Network of Specialized Advisors and our Selling Agents and Advisors, is the only way to produce the best result for everyone affected by what we do. We endeavor to extend our dedication to ‘value development’ to every person with whom we are in contact. We believe that our own merit will be defined not only by how we value each person in our world, but also by how we help them to keep growing in value and, most importantly, by how we help to make them feel valued.  As a ‘practical’ ‘bottom-line’ benefit we also believe that the more valued our people feel, the more value they will produce for our Clients.

In order to ensure that we can help our Clients to ‘Get Ready to Get More – Dollars and Beyond’ our core team members all bring a comprehensive understanding of business, as well as areas of specialized expertise, experience and education.  We are relentlessly focused on carefully blending these talents in order to provide the best possible results for our Clients. Each team member also has a love for, and a track record of, coaching (both inside and outside of business). A brief description of the backgrounds of each of our Core Team members follows.  We encourage you to meet them and get to know them.

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Doug Harvey, CA

Doug Harvey is the founder of Get Ready Get More Business Advisors Inc. He brings to the company a well-rounded blend of expertise, experience and accomplishments in the key areas of finance and accounting, marketing and communications, performance management, vision development and change management.

Doug obtained a Bachelor of Commerce (Finance) in 1976 from UBC before articling for his CA with Thorne Riddell, a predecessor to KPMG. He qualified for his CA in 1978. He has utilized these finance and accounting qualifications in a number of senior Vice-President positions with such entrepreneurial companies as Uniglobe Travel International (the world’s largest franchised travel agency chain), Modatech Systems (a publicly-traded software development company) and International Investment Properties (a rapidly growing real estate syndicate).

Doug has also provided marketing and communication services for a number of entrepreneurial companies, including Petcetera pet superstores, Saje retail stores and Columbia Diversified Software. He has often combined these marketing and communication skills with his finance and accounting background to produce successful business plans and financing presentations. He has also created unique ‘vision systems’ for vision development, as well as a change management workshop program. The development of the vision systems and the change management workshop both led to the founding of organizational development companies.


Shaun Fitzpatrick, CSP

Shaun Fitzpatrick is a Certified Sales Professional (CSP) with extensive experience in Sales, Business Coaching, Sales Management, Sales Training, Management Training, Hiring, Employee Performance, Management Succession Planning, Advertising and Professional Speaking.

As a Sales Manager and Sales Trainer Shaun is top-line driven and loves the challenge of profitably increasing revenues. He has engineered significant revenue increases for organizations selling through Distribution Channels, at Retail, through National Call Centers and through Business-to-Business Direct Sales. For the past 10 years Shaun Fitzpatrick has also designed and delivered training programs for Inside and Outside Sales personnel on behalf of the Canadian Professional Sales Association, Simon Fraser University and the British Columbia Institute of Technology.

As a Business Coach Shaun has worked with Owner-Operators who run businesses ranging from $1 Million to $40 Million in annual sales. Businesses that Shaun has coached have experienced many successes, such as the doubling of annual sales, changing the sales culture from ‘reactive’ to ‘proactive’, building successful teams and improving systems that have paved the way for exponential business growth. Shaun has also developed expertise in the areas of attracting, hiring and retaining the best personnel, as well as in the development of strong management teams. Additionally, he is a qualified professional speaker.


Mel Smith, Business Coach

Mel Smith has a wide range of business skills, education and experience. He began his business career in human resources and accounting before focusing his considerable energy on becoming a successful (self-described) ‘business development engineer’. He has accumulated over 20 years of experience in Inside and Outside Business-to-Business Sales, Business-to-Consumer Sales and Direct Marketing.

Mel launched Bull's-eye Marketing Solutions in 2003 with the goal of assisting small to medium-sized companies to develop sales and marketing strategies that would utilize specialized proven systems to turn prospects into clients. Through his systematic approach to Turning Prospects Into Clients, whether the target is Business-to-Business or Business-to-Consumer Sales, Mel’s clients have increased their sales in a wide variety of industries, including Accounting Services, Human Resource Services, Research and Development Grants, Investment Real Estate, Direct Marketing Services and Insurance and Financial Planning Services.

Mel has also worked in other areas of business, including Human Resources, Project Management, Event Planning/Coordination, Tradeshow Development and Database Management. In each of these areas Mel has proven himself to be a strong Leader and Manager. He is particularly enthusiastic about coaching business owners to get ready to get both ‘More Dollars’ and ‘More Beyond’.


Dale Harvey, CGA

Dale is an accomplished business analyst with extensively developed areas of expertise in information systems and financial management. He developed this business acumen and experience through a series of both financial management and information systems roles in the past twenty years.

Dale holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from UBC (1984) and obtained his designation as a Certified General Accountant in 1984. He has worked in consulting and employment roles for a number of sales-driven, entrepreneurial companies. In many cases Dale identified and implemented improvements to the work flow and productivity of a variety of businesses in a variety of industries. As the Controller for Wilbur-Ellis of Canada, a subsidiary of an international commodities trader with revenues exceeding $1 billion USD, Dale implemented changes that accommodated growth of over 400% in a five year period while reducing the financial statement cycle by ten days.

Dale was subsequently hired by KPMG Consulting, one of the world’s largest business consulting and systems integration firms, where he assisted in the implementation of large scale financial and ERP systems. During that time he developed a special expertise in JD Edwards, one of the world’s leading ERP programs. He has subsequently added experience in CRM systems to his existing expertise in ERP and accounting systems.