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It Takes An A-Team©

We believe that the only way we can truly deliver the best value to our Clients is to do what we do best … and let other people do the rest.  That is why we have a network of specialized advisors who have proven their excellence in their own fields.

We draw upon our specialized advisors, depending upon the needs of an individual owner and his or her business.  Ask us about our recommendations in the following areas:

Please Note
:  We always look forward to meeting and working with new people.  If you have your own experts we will adapt our roles and processes to be compatible with theirs.  We would never want to usurp existing relationships.  We are here to add value to your business, not subtract from it!.

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Working with Your CA, CGA and/or CMA     

We think that our family dinners are very exciting.  Between our brothers and wives we have 2 CAs, 2 CMAs and 1 CGA.  I like the saying about saving the best for last so I, the youngest, became a CGA.  Like all accountants, we have our unique profiles and experiences.  Two of us are involved in Get Ready Get More, my brother Doug and me.  We also access my wife, Rose’s, skills as an experienced (smart, good-looking) CMA.

Doug’s qualifications and experience range from a finance degree and a CA to marketing and communications to change management and vision development. He will tell you that this background is ideally suited to helping businesses like yours to ‘Get Ready to Get More’ when they are sold.  I humour him because he is my older brother. 

My own focus is systems design and installation.  My strongest expertise is in JD Edwards ERP systems and in CRM systems.  Our goal for you is to combine the right CRM and accounting system so that you will be able to offer a complete package of information that will create confidence in a potential buyer.

Together with our revenue development experts and business coaches, we work with your own internal and external CAs, CGAs and CMAs.  We are there to complement their skills and experiences, not to replace them.  After all, they are all family to us.  Dale Harvey, C.G.A.