Connections to Sales Agents & Advisors

Helping You Close The Deal


C. Our Connections to Sales Agents & Advisors … 
Closing The Deal©

At Get Ready Get More we create the Value Development Plan©, act as General Contractors to implement the plan and, in some areas, act as expert sub-contractors ourselves.  Perhaps just as importantly, we also connect with Sales Agents and Advisors who can close the deal for you once we have helped you to ‘Get Ready’ to ‘Get More’.

We like to describe the work performed by selling agents and advisors through the ‘equation’:

Selling…For More = CPAC where C=Contacts, P=Presentations, A=Auction and C=Closing.


Contacts are the key asset for selling agents.  They represent a lifetime of work and are jealously guarded for their value. When selling agents have a good deal they begin the ‘hunt’ at full speed.  They run to their phones to contact potential buyers. Marketing packages arrive on their contacts’ desks the next day by overnight delivery.


Selling advisors make the initial ‘pitch’ to their contacts themselves.  They then set up presentations with the seller and potential buyers.  The advisor works hard to prepare the seller for these grueling, pressurized presentations.  The most important advice we can give? Listen to what your sales advisor says!


The goal of the selling advisor is to create an ‘auction’ of different potential buyers.  This means that a number of buyers submit term sheets outlining their offer to buy the business.  Not only do multiple buyers lead to a higher selling price, but they also provide the seller with other options if the primary buyer falls through.


Every good selling advisor or agent knows how to close the deal.  The ability to close makes good salespeople the highest paid people in most companies.  However, negotiations must consider more than just price.  It is not always a matter of who offers the highest price.  The buyer’s financial condition, the proposed deal structure, financing issues and tax considerations all come into play.

We can help you …