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Get Ready $ GET MORE FAQ

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  1. How would our services benefit you and your business?
  2. What are the processes involved in ‘Getting Ready’ to ‘Get More’?
  3. How long do these processes take?
  4. What are the investment costs?
  5. How do we get started?
  6. What type of business and industry do you work with?

How would our services benefit you and your business?


a.     The primary goal at Get Ready Get More, the #1 ‘end in mind’, is developing value that will result in more dollars for you from the sale or financing of your company. ‘More Value’ for you, the business owner, is our most important result.

b.     The steps taken to create more value for a potential buyer or financier will also enable your business to operate more independently of the need for your day-to-day presence. This ‘owner independence’ will create an immediate benefit for you – ‘More Freedom’ even before you sell.

c.    More freedom will result in less stress for you even before you may decide to sell your business.  We are also passionate about helping you transition in the best possible way into your life after the sale. We believe that ‘More Life’ after the sale can be just as important as more dollars from the sale.



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What are the processes involved in ‘Getting Ready’ to ‘Get More’?


a.     Our core product is our Value Development Plan©.  In that plan we focus on identifying and improving the key elements that will produce the maximum value for your business when you sell or finance your company. 

b.     During the preparation of the plan we introduce advisors to you who are active in the sale and financing of businesses like yours.  To ensure maximum viability of the plan we will review it with the sales advisor of your choice. 

c.     After the plan has been delivered we are available to act as ‘general contractors’ to coordinate the ‘sub-contractors’ who may be needed to help implement the plan.


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How long do these processes take?


a.     Our standard delivery time for the Value Development Plan© is 2 – 3 weeks. 

b.     Implementation of the plan can take anywhere from 3 months to 3 years depending upon the nature, contents and scope of the plan as well as the wishes and desires of the owner.

c.     If we are chosen to be the ‘general contractors’ we focus on building value at our Client’s pace, within our Client’s budget and by setting and measuring against goals. Milestones are typically set for each quarter.



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What are the investment costs?


a.     Our standard fee for our Value Development Plan© is $7,500.  We require a 50% deposit upon initiation of our services with the remainder payable upon delivery of the plan.

b.     The plan will examine and make recommendations in what we consider to be the nine key areas of a business ranging from Sales Force Productivity to Financial Statement Analysis to Owner Readiness for Change.

c.     The costs and recommended timetable for implementing the Value Development Plan© will be identified in the plan, itself.  Each business owner is free, of course, to choose his or her own team to implement the plan.



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How do we get started?


a.     To get started simply contact one of our representatives who will arrange for a personal presentation to you.  You can phone us at 778-373-6698 or 1-866-612-9328 or contact us by e-mail at:

·          Client Services or

·          Shaun Fitzpatrick or

·          Mel Smith

b.     Our representative will help you identify the people in your company that you may want to have involved in the Get Ready Get More process. 

c.     And, please remember our 100% Personal Satisfaction Guarantee for the Value Development Plan©.  If we don’t identify enough value to more than payback any investment in our services, you won’t have to pay!



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What type of business and industry do you work with?


We focus on the evaluation and improvement of business fundamentals that apply to every type of business. Therefore, we do not limit the types of businesses and industries with which we work. We do, however, profile the specialties, if any, of the sales advisors with whom we work so that we can best match our own Clients with the best sales advisors for their businesses.


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