Our Goals For You

More Value, More Freedom, More Life



Our Goals For You …
 More Value, More Freedom, More Life


Stephen Covey became famous with his book ‘Seven Habits of Highly Effective People’.  Habit 2 of these highly effective people is to ‘Begin With the End In Mind’. The primary goal at Get Ready Get More, the #1 ‘end in mind’, is developing value that will result in more dollars for you from the sale or financing of your company. ‘More Value’ is our most important result. We are also intent on creating ‘More Freedom’ and ‘More Life’. 

More Value

We realize that the financial equations we learned in business school could be ‘like Greek’ to most regular people … such as business owners.  In ‘Owner’s English’ the value of a business will always equate to the future earnings capability of a company as perceived by a buyer.  A buyer will give you a cheque today only if there is a belief that the business will pay back more than that amount in the future.

Our Value Development activities focus on increasing earnings for your business today, as well as perceived future earnings for tomorrow.  We will also help you to identify and strengthen the key factors that will create higher levels of confidence in your business. With increased earnings and greater confidence, a buyer will pay more for your business.

More Freedom

The steps taken to create more value for a potential buyer will also enable your business to operate more independently of the need for your day-to-day presence. This ‘owner independence’ will create an immediate benefit for you - more freedom even before you sell. You will have more freedom over your most valuable asset - time.  You will also have more freedom over the who, how and when of the selling process. 

More Life

More freedom will result in less stress for you even before you may decide to sell your business.  That would be good for anyone’s health and well-being. But we don’t stop there.  We are passionate about helping you transition in the best possible way into your life after the sale. We believe that ‘More Life’ after the sale can be just as important as ‘More Dollars’ from the sale.


We can help you …