Our Vision: Get Ready $ GET MORE

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Our Vision: Get Ready & GET MORE ...
Dollars and Beyond


Get Ready Get More Business Advisors Inc. was founded to help entrepreneur business owners receive the maximum dollar value when they sell or finance their companies or when they transfer ownership to the next generation of their family. 

That is the genesis of our name.  We are dedicated to helping business owners identify and implement the key action steps that will enable them to ‘Get Ready’ to ‘Get More’ money from their lifetime of hard work.  That is the ‘More Dollars’ element of our Vision.  We know how important that is to an owner.  But we are also passionate about ensuring that other important issues involved in such a critical event are successfully addressed for everyone affected.  That is the ‘More Beyond’ element of our Vision.

In our Vision the most important benefit we can offer an owner is to maximize the value of his or her business.  Getting ‘More Dollars’ is our #1 duty, our primary focus, the source of our ‘professional pride’.  Our ABC Approach to Creating Value© has been organized and focused in recognition of this priority. Our core product is our Value Development Plan©.  In that plan we relentlessly focus on identifying and improving the key elements that will produce this maximum value.

Ensuring success beyond the value developed  follows at the owner’s request and discretion. If all we do is maximize the financial return to the owner, we will have fulfilled our primary duty. However, we also have in our hearts our quietly ‘personal passions’ to deliver even ‘More Beyond’  the ‘More Dollars’ from the sale or financing of a business. In order to deliver ‘More Beyond’ we provide a resource bank of people and processes dedicated to ensuring that the transition from past to future is successfully navigated by everyone affected by this critical rite of passage.  

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