What If It Was Your Home?

Let's Get It Fixed Up



What If It Was Your Home? …
 Would You Sell It Without ‘Fixing It Up’?


Is your business worth as much as an average house?  That’s probably a tough question given the price of houses these days.  The real question is: Would you put a house up for sale without ‘getting it ready’ so that you could sell it for ‘top dollar’?

Would you show a house to a potential buyer without cleaning it up?  Painting it?  Modernizing the kitchen? Fixing the garden so that your house has ‘curb appeal’?  Would you neglect to consult a real estate agent who would advise you what improvements to make so that your house would sell for the maximum price with the minimum investment?If you’re the smart business person that we think you are then the answer is ‘not a chance’.

What about your business?  Will you put your business on the market without getting it ready to sell for ‘top dollar’… its maximum value to a potential buyer?  If you’re like the vast majority of business owners who don’t have a well-prepared ‘exit plan’ the answer could well be ‘I didn’t intend to sell it unprepared.  In fact, I wish I had started earlier – a lot earlier’.

Selling a business is similar to selling a house in that ‘getting it ready’ will ‘get you more’.  But selling a business is also different and more difficult than a house. Not only is a business an even bigger deal to sell, it also takes (a lot) longer to ‘fix up’.  We can help. We have the people and processes that will take a critical look at your business and help you ‘fix it up’ so that you get the highest price.  We’ll help to prepare you and your business today so that you can receive its maximum value tomorrow.

What if I don’t want to sell? I just want to raise $.

What if I just want to raise money, create liquidity and/or protect my nest egg for when I turn the business over to my family? 

The principles and processes that apply to helping owners when they sell or transfer their businesses also apply to maximizing value received in other types of financing transactions. Financing is always a selling process.  If you want maximum dollars for your business or from your business you’re going to have to sell its shining future to someone or, more likely, some people who will be authorizing the cheque to be issued.


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